SOLEKAHN “Nightlights”

I gotta admit that I missed out on this band 9 years ago when they released their latest album. But then again French dark/death metal wasn’t exactly on the top of my list back then. But that has changed since then and now I am looking forward to hearing this new one. As always with a French band I’m in deepest awe. This is cool but not so much in a French way as in a Polish Behemoth/Decapitated kinda way. This is death metal with that all so famous attack that we are used to get from latter day Behemoth. Throw in a French twist to it and you got SOLEKAHN in a nut shell. As cool as I think all French metal is this is just as cool being just a good death metal album, no country of origin given. Thumps up. Anders Ekdahl

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