Soley Mourning – “Zaire”

Soley Mourning
(Saltdog Records)

Despite their seemingly dark name and equally exotic album title, these lot are nothing to do with Toto, but are hard rockers from the Black Country (that’s Birmingham not Biafra LOL). What all the fuss is about though, is that from tracks like ‘Groundhog Saturday’, ‘Double Drop’ and ‘Way Down Low’ is that they alternate between the light hearted blues rock of the Black Crowes and the heavy funky groove of Zepp – and they do it pretty damn good too! Right from the go, “Zaire” has a smokin’ choogin’ rhythm that is guaranteed to move that body (especially a chicks) and its done it all across Europe quite a few times given this is the band’s 3rd album no less. All in all, “Zaire” has a feel good factor that is hard to beat right now and certainly what Europe needs from the real blues.

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