SOLITARY ”Nothing Changes”

”Nothing Changes”
(DOC Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is apparently the 20th anniversary of this album. Originally released in 1998 I can’t remember ever having seen it before even if the original art work brings back some sort of memory. It would take them another ten years to release album number two and 9 years for album three. Not having heard this debut before gives me the disadvantage of not knowing it but it also gives me the advantage of hearing it with fresh ears. This is to my ears thrash metal in the style of the second wave. In a way this fits in with the heaviness of Pantera but with a better groove. Not so much stomping your feet as I get from listening to Pantera. A bit more chugga chugga. For some reason I come to think of Xentrix when I listen to this. but no matter what strange references my brain throws at me I do like this 1998 debut album from SOLITARY. I would have liked it back in the day too. Anders Ekdahl

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