“The Sea”
(Robust Fellow)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a lot that has almost grown to majestic proportions in my world. Ever since the first time I saw the band’s name I have been almost obsessed with finding out more about them. And so I did. You might remember them from the interview and review I did a while back (early 2017). Once I had tracked them down and been given the opportunity to listen to the music I was there. Now it is tie for a new album. I gotta say that I am prepared for almost anything. I kinda expect this to be different to the previous album. I just don’t know how different. All I can say is that if you don’t like your music laid back then you’ll have major issues with this. Don’t go expecting some fuzzed out rock’n’roll brawl from this album. It is much more a cool day at the lake house than it is a sweaty night at a rock club. But there is nothing wrong with a cool day at the lake house. I know that I need that every now and then. It is still doomy, stoney and everything you’ve come to expect from SOMALI YACHT CLUB. Anders Ekdahl

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