”The Sun”
(Robust Fellow)

Battle Helm Rating

You gotta have some sort of humour if you name your band SOMALI YACHT CLUB. We need more humor in the world and I can take it as long as the music isn’t a joke. And this is no joke. I’ve been a fan of stoner and fuzz rock since the late 90s but haven’t been that avid a collector to be able to tell the apples from the pears. So all my reference points are old as fuck and I get flashes of The Beatles with Ravi Shankar, Hawkwind, Fudge Tunnel etc. but not any more recent acts. But I don’t really care about name dropping. All I care about is if I like what I hear or not. And I like this. It is heavy as hell and takes me on trip to a fuzzed out Black Sabbath landscape. Really trippy stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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