SOMBRE FORETS “La Mort du Soleil”

“La Mort du Soleil”
(Sepulchral Prod.)
Another Quebec-oise black metal band. The stuff that I’ve heard so far from that region of Canada has been cool. Hopefully this one too will be along those lines. I don’t know what it is about that part of Canada that produces this very special black metal sound but I’m glad that it does. It means that we get to experience a cool bunch of bands. I have very little prior knowledge about this band and the Quebec-oise black metal scene that Sepulchral Prod. seem to have specialized in. to my ears most of the stuff sounds like an endless continuation of what Burzum started. But I gotta say that SOMBRE FORETS are much more esoteric in their sound. It is still very primitive and basic black metal we get subjected to but it is just that meeting between the atmospheric and the desperate that makes this such a cool black metal album. Like so much other stuff under the sun it is nothing we haven’t heard before but done this way it still add something new to the pile. Anders Ekdahl

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