Battle Helm Rating

I gotta apologize to Jen Majura because the interview I did with here about her solo album got lost (erased) and was therefore never published. My enormous mistake. Jen is usually to be found at the side of Amy Lee in Evanescence. I have no idea who Alen Brentini is. And for that I also apologize. Because hearing this album is like being taken back to a time when guitar heroes where true heroes and Malmsteen what the God. Musically this is much more along the lines of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Hardrock-ish with vocals. You still get the shredding parts but you also get songs that you can actually sing along to. I didn’t have any greater expectations on this one but I gotta say that the two guitarists/singers managed to surprise me into liking this. Anders Ekdahl

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