SOOM/Ил “Split”

(addicted label)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not saying that Russian is the most depressing language in the world but whenever I hear it spoken it makes me think of any Ingmar Bergman movies you can name. So does that mean that I as a Swede feel the pain of the Russian melancholy? I guess it does. Or perhaps that is just me, being as weird as I usually am? SOOM is a strange beast. This is sludge metal, doom metal, ambient, experimental all mixed into one huge pot. And it is not one band as I thought at first but a split. You get two bands for the price of one. SOOM and IL (Ил). Listening to this I can really see how they stand there in the studio in an almost trancelike state playing this from start to finish. This is another of these albums that needs to be heard to be fully understood. Anders Ekdahl

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