Sorceress Of Sin – “Mirrored Revenge”

Sorceress Of Sin – “Mirrored Revenge” (
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Sorceress Of Sin may be a brand-new band, but they bring a wealth of talent and experience to bear on this amazing debut! Described as ‘melodic power metal’, I’d actually say, judging by the 10 impressive tracks here that that’s something of an understatement, for in reality they also include NWOBHM and symphonic aspects, besides which – they’re f–king heavy! From the power larynx of opera trained Lisa Skinner, who’s fronted large touring showbands across Europe and performed alongside AC/DC to Greek guitar prodigy Constantine Kanakis, who’s trained under virtuoso Ioannis Anastassakis and Steelianos Amoiridis from Enemy Of Reality, along with bassist Topher O’Meagher (Gehitka) and drummer Paul Skinner (Untamed), it’s pretty clear that the musicians – and their music – are no mere novices. Added to that the multiple talents of Tom Maclean (Haken, Psion), whose skills in production and engineering, along with keyboards, bass and orchestrations grace “Mirrored Revenge”, and you’ve got one helluva package! Indeed, as the symphony led by Kanakis’s wailing guitar opens ‘Vixen Of Virtue’, Skinner’s jet fueled highs ascend the song immediately while heavy sawing riffs, massive bass and thumping drums add a huge backbone to waste no time in demonstrating the power the band – and that’s just for starters! Chugging in on ‘Multifaceted Survival’ with a catchy warbling Maiden melody, Skinner adds her passion to her screams as the song becomes brutally heavy mid song for a real headbang until Kanakis’s virtuoso wailings end the number in a spectacular, if no less intense, contrast. Totally raging on the title track ‘Mirrored Revenge’ with its addictive power groove, Skinner’s sultry tones are no less catching as she belts out her rhyming lyrics while the band’s energy is ceaseless throughout this standout track and indeed, across this hugely impressive debut release where Sorceress Of Sin set their fearsome standard.
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