(Warner Greece)
OK so this album was released in 2011. But since it is new to me I’ll still review it. This Greek band is totally unknown to me. This could be described as goth metal light. It makes me think of bands like Finnish HIM or even a more somber and restraint Moonspell. Perhaps a bit of Paradise Lost circa “Host” too for good measure. And not to forget Sisters Of Mercy. You get the picture don’t you? This is the kind of stuff you’d see on charts in Germany and hear in all those heavy metal/goth clubs that seem to be all over the place. With that being said, this isn’t bad in any way. I like it. There is a charm to it that makes it work for me. I like the goth angle mixed with the harder sounds of metal. it makes for an interesting mix. This is an album that deserves you attention. It has gotten mine. Anders Ekdahl

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