SORROWS PATH “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”

“The Rough Path Of Nihilism”
(Rock It Up)
I am not ashamed of admitting again that I feel more strongly for certain geographic areas than others. I’ll always love South American speed/thrash of the 80s and I will always love the Stockholm death sound of the late 80s/early 90s. The same way that I will never find a bad band from Greece. I gotta admit that I feared that Sorrows Path would be that band that made me disappointed but this Greek band turned out to be another great experience. Much like Italy’s Doomsword Sorrows Path deal in grand, majestic metal with influences from doom as well as trad metal. This is just short of being some of the greatest metal I’ve heard in a long time. I have a weak spot for metal this grand and majestic. Don’t know what it is that touches me in the right spots but this is as close to heaven as I’ll get today. Anders Ekdahl

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