Soul Healer – “Kings Of Bullet Alley”

Soul Healer
“Kings Of Bullet Alley”

Soul Healer….? Bloody hell, these guys could sear your soul at 50 yards! Kick ass rock n roll metal is the best way to describe these 5 Finns!! Vocalist Jori Karki has one of these definitive gravelly vocals, whilst guitarists Sami and Teemu alternate between soothing and smacking you with their chugging riffs and clear n proud melodies. The rhythm? Don’t even ask, with the rest of the band stonking Teemu and Timo on bass n drums respectively are galloping like an reindeer on heat LOL! Don’t be expecting any model looks, make up or keyboards as there’s no mystery behind Soul Healer, just a bunch of friends who started and carried on doing what they love best: rocking out unashamedly – and that’s exactly what “Kings Of Bullet Alley” is – 11 tracks that hit dead center every time!

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