SOULHEALER ”Up From the Ashes”

”Up From the Ashes”
(Rockshots Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This Finnish band are new to me. But as always when I look up a band’s discography I feel like I know or at should know of them. I got that same vibe with SOULHEALER. Yet I cannot remember ever having done anything with them before. Being on their 4th album we here at BATTLE HELM should have done more with them than a single review from 2011, and not even by me. This is melodic heavy metal done the Finnish way. I gotta say that I am still as impressed by the Finnish metal scene as I was in the 90s. They don’t seem to have lost any momentum. If you like your metal melodic and fist pumping in the air like I do you too will like this. It is hard to not do so when you hear this album. This is sing along metal from start to finish. Anders Ekdahl

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