SOULICIT “Parking Lot Rockstar”

“Parking Lot Rockstar”
(Thermal Entertainment)
Whenever I see the word soul in connection with a hardrock album I get a chill down my back. I remember how bad funk metal was in its worst moments. Soul metal does not sound like a too enticing idea. But I had not worried. The soul here lies in the performance more so than in the sound. This is American hardrock the way that they do so well. Big melodies, guitars that roar and a voice that is a force of nature. I have no idea what Wichita, Kansas is like but I guess it is no wonderland. Which would explain why Soulicit sounds the way they do. What else is there to do than to play hardrock? And they way they play. This is so full of life that it’d wake even the worst coma patient from his/her sleep. Anders Ekdahl

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