SOVVERSIVO “Fakking Deep”

“Falling Deep”
Here we have a band with a name that doesn’t really say that much to us that aren’t in the clue. Don’t really know how to pronounce it properly and less what it means but there is a cool feeling to it just seeing it. Hope the music is just as cool. I kinda expected this to be more alternative but this is actually pretty abrasive in attitude. Not as soft as I expected. Wouldn’t go as far as calling this hardcore metal but there is an attitude to it that says that they will not take shit from anybody. For some strange reason I get Peter Tägtgren Pain vibes when I listen to this. Don’t know why but there is that pop sensibility that I get when I listen to Pain. Musically this is far off Pain’s track. I get a strange urge to sing along when I listen to this. Anders Ekdahl

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