SPARROWS “Mark Of The Beast: Indoctrination”

“Mark Of The Beast: Indoctrination”
I like USBM. Not that it is a stringent genre. All bands I’ve heard that has been labeled USBM have all been pretty different in their approach to what black metal is. Sparrows is my latest foray into this universe. I have great expectations on this. I’m excited to see how they’ve managed to take it a step further, if they have. This might just be orthodox black metal. Listening to this I’m not even sure if it could be labeled black metal. Perhaps it is more death metal. But then again with USBM you never know. That genre seem to live its own life. And actually it doesn’t matter what label you put on this. Just call it extreme metal and be done with it. This album moves effortlessly between the cons in its way. You better strap on if you don’t want to be tossed out when it turns really sharp. Anders Ekdahl

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