Speaking The Kings – “Here To Stay”

Speaking The Kings – “Here To Stay” EP (Nuclear Blast Records)

I haveta say this came as a bit of surprise to me – a post hardcore band with punk pop elements on one of the world’s lynchpin metal labels! Furthermore, I’d never heard of Speaking The Kings, who were only formed a coupla years back, and that’s coming from someone who actually receives a lotta hardcore stuff. Well, in comparison, there’s nothing really new or unique that Speaking The Kings bring that I haven’t heard before. Everything’s trademark standard from the hoarse lead vox to the mello harmonies and melodic warbling solos crushed in by brutal riffing and gang shout outs. It’s all done well enough on songs like ‘Tearing Down The Walls’, ‘Casanova’ and ‘One Foot At A Time’, which surprisingly actually sounds closer to UK post punk bands although these guys hail from Punk Mecca i.e. Orange Curtain, but I guess I was expecting just a little more given the royal carpet they’ve rolled in on?

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