(Les Acteurs de Lombre) 4

Battle Helm Rating

I have a nagging feeling that I am familiar with this one from before but when I check the archive I cannot find anything on this one. Until I realize that I spelled the name wrong. Boy, did I scare myself there. Thinking that my memory had finally given in. Reading the review I did for the 2017 album I realize that not only does this album have be much better than the previous one, which according to my words was good to great, but I to have to come up with an even better written review. Oh the pressure I put on my shoulders. This is a genre that I am not too familiar with and don’t even know how to label. Is it neo folk ambient? I don’t know. What I do know is that I like this somber and calm, almost soothing music I hear. There is a surrealistic feel to this, like you are in a dream when you listen to it. I cannot top the review I wrote for the last album but emotionally this new one moves me as much. Anders Ekdahl

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