Speed Limit – “Unchained / Prophecy”

Speed Limit
“Unchained / Prophecy” 2CD REISSUE
(Karthago Records)

Despite being neighbors to the mighty metal market of Germany, little is known other than to connoisseurs, about the early 80s Austrian metal market? Well Speed Limit were one of the forerunners, beginning in the late 70s, releasing their debut “Unchained” in the mid 80s and its follow up “The Prophecy” in 1988. As with many metal bands, the 90s heralded a dark period and Speed Limit tried to go with the flow by becoming more hard rock before splitting in 1994. In 2008 they made their comeback reunion and have been playing in the HM Division 2 mainly around central Europe. However, with time both their aforementioned albums have become collectors items, so as part of their 25th anniversary both albums have been reissued in a double CD, complete with 16 page booklet containing the usual rare pix etc. The 15 tracks pretty much capture the history of the band, from the Accept sounding ‘Marriage In Hell’ to the melodic metal of ‘Lady’ to the drippy AOR of ‘No Lies’ to a bizarre drunken rendition of ‘My Bonnie’ (a tribute to tour mates Nazareth?)! It’s miles away from the likes of Belphegor which is ironic as Hell Lennart used to play in Speed Limit but if you desire to enter the Austrian metal mists of time then look no further than this bumper package!

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