SPELL OF DARK ”Journey Into The Depths Of Winter”

”Journey Into The Depths Of Winter”

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I live in a part of Sweden that does not see much of the winter any more. The cold and snowy winters are a thing of the past. I do miss the winters of my youth. No I have to go north to see snow again. But thanks to bands like SPELL OF DARK I get to feel the ambience of winter without freezing my gonards off. I am a huge sucker for DSBM. I really get off on the melancholy that is embedded in this kind of black metal. The almost ambient vibe of it. This is just a three track EP but since this is my first encounter with the band it is a bloody great place to start. I can just sit back and relax and take in the calmness of a snowy winter landscape. Just let the aura of the music embrace me. This is my kind of relax music and I love it. Anders Ekdahl

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