SPHERE “Homo Hereticus”

“Homo Hereticus’”
(Masterful Records)
I like Polish death metal. Have done so even before it got on everybody’s lips. I don’t know what they have put in the water down in Poland but they are sure good at creating some of the most explosive death metal the world has seen. Sphere are no exception. This is death metal the more brutal way. It’s like stepping in front of a bulldozer, or ending up between a brick wall and a dumpster truck. You can’t escape the inevitable. You will be flattened like a pancake at the mercy of Sphere. Think Hate, think Behemoth, think any other Polish death metal act and you can add Sphere to that list of great death metal acts. “Homo Hereticus” is a fine slice of death metal. I will keep an eye on Sphere in the future. Anders Ekdahl

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