SPHERON “Ecstasy Of God”

“Ecstasy Of God”
This is another album I kinda have high hopes for. I don’t really know why but for some reason I’ve come to expect to this to be something a little bit out of the ordinary. I really hope that I’m right in assuming this. And from having listened to this I can say that I’m not disappointed. This does have that little extra that sets it apart from all the other records released. It doesn’t take much to separate your album from all the others. There is a groove to this that will make you pay attention to it. I like my death metal in all different shapes and colours but when it is played like this with a slight Morbid Angel (early) touch (among others) to it I’m a happy dude. This is pretty straight forward death metal but with that little extra that you know when you hear it. Anders Ekdahl

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