SPIRAL SKIES “Blues For A Dying Planet”

“Blues For A Dying Planet”
(Art Of Propaganda Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I did interview this band for what seem like an aeon ago about their demo and much more. Now it is finally time to review their debut album. I liked what I heard back then a I like what I hear today. Try imagine if Janis Joplin had fronted a hardrock band in the 70s and you got a starting point as to what this band sounds like. This is another cool Swedish retro hardrock band. A band for all of us that love bands like Graveyard, Blues Pills, Witchcraft, The Imperial State Electric as well as Black Sabbath and other 70s hardrock/heavy metal bands. Listening to this I start to miss the local band Royal Ruckus and their vocalist Guernica Mansini (Thunder Mother). SPIRAL SKIES have with “Blues For A Dying Planet” created an album that is both beautiful as it is intriguing. A real catch. Anders Ekdahl

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