SPIRAL WHEEL “Resurrection For Revenge”

“Resurrection For Revenge”

Battle Helm Rating

This is an Canadian/Japanese heavy metal band that features folks from Sabbat/Abigail and Exciter plus a total Canadian nobody on vocals (his words, not mine). This is classic heavy metal despite the personnel’s history. I try to not use the term 80s metal to describe this, but it is hard not to as that is what this reminds me the most of. And since I totally love that era, this had to be really, really bad for me to not like it. I have one issue with it though. I don’t really know where to place it. Is it US metal? is it Euro metal? I get vibes of Omen around their debut album but I also get a Swedish heavy metal feeling when I listen to this. But whatever, or wherever its roots are this is a really cool heavy metal album that needs to be checked out. Anders Ekdahl

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