Spiritual Beggars – “Earth Blues”

Spiritual Beggars – “Earth Blues” (Inside Out Music)

Formed 20 years ago by Carcass’s Mike Amott, Spiritual Beggars was his stoner rock successor which in time has fitted in with his other band, Arch Enemy, not to mention the other guys’ bands like Firebird, Opeth and Grand Magus! “Earth Blues” is the second album to feature Greek / Swedish vocalist Apollo Papathanasio and right from the first stroke it’s clear that these days Spiritual Beggars are more of a hard rock band with a strong 70s funky groove especially on the Glenn Hughes like ‘Dreamer’. Elsewhere, Amott and Apollo pile on the rock melodies in their respective guitar and vocal talents giving Thin Lizzy a run for their money on ‘Hello Sorrow’ while Papathanasio’s own style owes much to Ronnie Dio although being slightly more gravelly as defined on ‘Kingmaker’. With Sharlee D’Angelo’s crunching bass and Per Wiberg’s Hammond organ rounding off the 70s groove on this neat 12 tracker, “Earth Blues” is a faithful tribute to the sounds and style of an era that spawned some of rock’s greatest legends.

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