“Feast Of Maggots”
(More Hate Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I often find myself in ruts. I keep repeating myself as if I was limited in my way to think. As if my library of references is just a narrow line of a selected few bands. Name dropping is not my strongest feature. But then I realize that the reason is most often because the bands I do stumble upon all seem to have drunk from the same well of inspiration. Take Finnish SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST for example. They have a sound that is very old school. This is 90s death metal. It would be so obvious to just start name dropping all the cool bands from that era simply because this reminds me so much of them all. But I won’t be doing that this time. I know what this reminds me of. I will leave it up to you to hear it too. All I will say is that I love this kind of death metal. Then as well as now. Anders Ekdahl

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