Spirytus – “The Fundamentals”


Spirytus – “The Fundamentals” EP (www.facebook.com/spirytusband)

Named after a 95% proof spirit from Poland, this East Midlands rap metal crew literally burn their way thru the aggro wiv songs like ‘Tribal Riot’, ‘Qandahar’ and ‘Horses Will Bleed’, mixing hed(pe), RATM and the mighty Sepultura in one blistering beat. From Ben Eddis’s funky slapping bass to Ryan Walton’s street ‘muthfucka’ verses to some slick scratching from Daniel Jones, Spirytus certainly offer plenty of talented variety in melding a number of beats which at times are rolling whilst elsewhere are cool to be chillin’. But dis them and bruv, in comes in a heavy as shit rhythm that are like the English Riots kicking off in your face. Spirytus call it the way they see it and have the pulse of a nation’s youth in their music – feel the vibe in “The Fundamentals”!

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