SpitFire – “Devil’s Dance”

SpitFire – “Devil’s Dance” (Rookies + Kings / SPV)

Spitfire was the name of a WWII fighter that was the scourge of many an enemy plane for its speed, maneuverability and most of all, it’s punch. Ironically this German rockabilly trio have chosen the name for their band but they certainly don’t do it any discredit, revving up their high octane music that’s dripping in sweat, fire and gasoline! Mixing in rock, punk and metal with their rock n fuckin roll hearts, SpitFire bring it on full steam with raw whisky vocals, addictive crooning harmonies and guitars that have so much soul they could break the heart of an angel on highly catchy songs like ‘City Of The Sinners’, ‘Take My Throne’ and ‘King Kerosin’. Spitfire take the best of the Misfits, Reverend Horton Heat and The Meteors and mix it into a fireball mixture that could shoot a hot rod to Mars!

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