Stala & So – “It Is So”

Stala & So
“It Is So”
(So Music Finland / Music Buy Mail)

More commonly associated with their roles as Lordi’s drummer (Kita) and bassist respectively, vocalist Stala and bassist Nick Gore’s glam rock band has been on hold while these guys took Lordi onto greater heights, the culmination has to be the winning of Eurovision 2006! Wanting the freedom to follow their own direction in their music and live performances (i.e. no singing from a mask behind a drumkit), Stala was reborn with its focus on 70s glam and 80s AOR. With a definite emphasis on fun, there’s a fresh energy in the musicianship on invigorating songs like ‘One Nite Stand’, ‘Pamela’ and ‘Everything For Money’ incorporating crunching guitars, unashamed melodies and Stala’s own rock vocals. Beginning of this year the band took part in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest and performed on live tv in front of nearly a million viewers, showing that Stala & So are once again ascending those lofty heights!

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