STAR INSIGHT “My Time is Out”

“My Time Is Out”
Another band that is a total blank to me. Another Finnish band to get to know. But that hasn’t been a problem earlier so I don’t see it why it’ll be a problem this time around. When it comes to music I’m pretty adventurous. I got good feelings about this being time well spent. It doesn’t make it easier when there’s no info sheet included and my memory isn’t the best. I have no idea where this band comes from in Finland and why it is only a two track single. That it is melodeath of some sort I’m almost certain of. That I like the two tracks I’m sure of. There is something of a symphonic streak to this that makes me want to find out more about the band. Now that they have said A they better be ready to say B too. This I want to hear more of. Anders Ekdahl

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