STARBYNARY. “Divina Commedia – Paradiso”

“Divina Commedia – Paradiso”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta say that I have taken me ages to get this bands name. At first I thought they were called Star By Nary but now I realize that it actually is Star Bynary. Which is kinda a relief as I was wondering who this Nary was. This Italian band seem to have taken Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” and turned it into an album concept. This is the third album they do based on that book. By now they have come to the paradise bit having been through inferno and purgatory. There used to be a time when everything that came from Italy was of the highest quality. I don’t know if it was I who lost touch with the great or if the quality dropped but it seems like a long time since I last heard anything great from Italy. STARBYNARY are a progressive power metal band in a long line of Italian progressive power metal bands. I like what I hear but I am blown away by the OTT grandeur I’ve come to expect from Italian power metal bands. Anders Ekdahl

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