STARSOUP “Bazaar Of Wonders”

”Bazaar Of Wonders”
Didn’t I just review a record by this lot not that long ago? Or have I’ve gone totally senile? As I’m not too sure about that I’ll carry on doing this one. Worst case scenario is that I look like an ass if I’ve done this twice and the first time liked it and hate it now or vice versa. Hearing this I think that my mind played me a trick or two. I’ve never heard this band before this album dropped in on me. This is progressive metal with a Fates Warning twist. If you know Fates Warning you know what I talk about. How they go from intense to sombre in one and the same song. How they use dynamics to build a song. This is built the same way. If you have a problem with songs that go up and down all the time you’ll hate this. But if you like me don’t mind the contrasts and can see beyond it all you’ll find a very cool progressive metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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