STASS ”The Darkside”

”The Darkside”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

The first thing I reacted to when I got this album was the title. “The Darkside” made me think of Necrophobic’s album “Darkside”. And then when I saw that Paganizer-Rogga was a part my appetite was wet enough to drown a small village. This is old school death metal in the Bolt Thrower/Benediction school. Perhaps a tad Fleshcrawl too. But you get the picture. This is heavy as fuck in that old primitive way. Not that it is primitive in any way. This is raw, cut throat death metal. The kind I like the best. The kind you don’t have to have a higher degree in music science to understand. This is the stuff you can headbang to in your living room. And that is a major plus in my book. Anders Ekdahl

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