State Of Ember – “Broken Horizons”

State Of Ember – “Broken Horizons” EP ( 
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Hailing from the same town as Led Zeppelin’s legendary drummer John Bonham, this British power trio certainly hammer in hard – especially drummer Chelsea McCammon!!! Reflective of their name, State Of Ember formed outta the ashes of their previous band, but with more than a spark of desire to rock on and indeed, rather a fierce determination by all 3 members to rock out. When aspiring vocalists wouldn’t suffice, up stepped guitarist Chris Tamburro to the mic, along with his powerful, shredding guitar that owes more than a nod to Mark Tremonti. Adding even more fuel injection is Mark Landreth, whose heavy and voluminous bass doesn’t just give State Of Ember’s sound a ballsy depth but equally, a wider dimension to complete the circle of power. Put it all together, and you’ve got one fireball trio that mix energetic Brit hard rock with heavy guitar driven grunge and just the right touch of wild punk frenicity! “Broken Horizons” is the band’s 6 track debut EP, delivering the punches but equally, plenty of catchy hooks and emotional melodies to lure you in on songs like ‘Fear Of Falling’ with its bountiful raw guitar contrasted by passionate melodies and a memorable chorus brought to life by Tamburro’s excellent vocals. On the kick ass ‘Wrong Turn’ there’s plenty of boogie while McCammon gives it the bonzo before the almighty chorus hits your soul and Tamburro’s heart breaking solo finally tears it apart – brilliant! Ending with the grunge out on ‘Beneath Our Dreams’ with its emo tones contrasted by massive alt / punk waves of raw power riffola and even more moving breaks from Tamburro, you know that State Of Ember have truly ignited in this excellent debut.
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