Steak Number Eight – “The Hutch”

Steak Number Eight – “The Hutch” (Indie Recordings)

I can’t think of too many bands who were eighteen when they released their second full length album? Well this is Steak Number Eight’s third release but beyond their youth, it’s the musicianship of this Belgian band and maturity of their songwriting which is truly astounding – even more so when you learn they’ve been playing together since aged ten! Still innocent enough to know the good things in life – beer, herbs, girls, nature – they mix post metal with a melodic trippy groove kinda like crossing Helmet with Isis and Sun O))). Feedback droning guitars mix with chopping riffs and alternating raw, trippy vocals and ambient melody on catchy songs like ‘Photonic’, ‘Pilgrimage Of A Blackheart’ and ‘Rust’: most of which clock in over the 5 minute mark indicating some well thought out material indeed while not lacking in intensity and emotion. As I said it’s quite remarkable what these guys have achieved in such a short time – they are quite possibly the most exciting thing to come outta the Lowlands in a 100 years.

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