Steak – “Slab City”


Steak – “Slab City” (Napalm Records)

London is certainly no desert but that’s hardly strange when you’re dealing with the eccentric Steak, an English stoner band with releases like “Corned Beef Colossus” and their own comic books depicting their alter egos battling a warlord called The Evil Lazarus! Already something of a cult favorite following their Desert Rock performance, “Slab City” is aptly titled in relation to its mighty sound – essentially Kyuss type desert rock that can be as mellow and flowing as the dunes themselves or fierce and ferocious like a Sahara storm! From the wild trippy vocals of Kippa that has hints of Danzig in his soul to the fuzz wah feedback droning guitars of Reece, songs like the heavy duty ‘Roadhead’, the done too many drugs southern psychedelia of ‘Rising’ and the laid back John Gracia like groove of ‘Liquid Gold’ with its cool lead licks tell the tale of Cyclone City giving you some meat to think about besides strippers n beer. With Cam’s fuzzy, fat bass sound adding volumes of reverb throughout this 10 tracker, Sammy’s hard thudding drums bring it all home on this dust kicking debut that is not just authentically true to the desert rock cult style but also Steak’s sweaty, brio’ laden gigs!

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