Stealing Axion – “Moments”

Stealing Axion – “Moments” (InsideOut Music/Century Media Records)

These guys are the latest prog metal band hailing outta Seattle that mix traditional prog melodies with grunge harmonies and a very heavy bottom end (so much so that they’ve been labelled ‘djent’ in some circles). Blending in alternating clean with hoarse death like vocals and chopping Meshuggah riffs, Stealing Axion have successfully fused a variety of styles into an identifiable sound on songs like ‘Solar’, ‘The Unwanted Gift’ and ‘It’s Too Late Now’ to create a resulting effect that is both diverse and captivating enough to hold my attention – and I’m not exactly a big proggie lol! All in all, there are some very impressive aspects to “Moments”, but most of all, it’s definitely one of the heaviest prog releases around, from its pounding drum work to that unbelievable grunting bass twanging almost relentlessly, resonating in your ears long after the last track has played!

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