STEEL CITY “Now It’s Time”

”Now It’s Time”
When I think STEEL CITY I think Pittsburg and not some band from Italy. But if there can be a handful of bands with steel in its names in Germany why not a STEEL CITY in Italy. And thanks to Judas Priest’s album “British Steel” I expect any band with steel in its name to be true metal. I was never the biggest Faith No More fan. I do have their first three albums. But when I all of a sudden heard traces of them in the music of STEEL CITY I thought that I was way off track but then it turned heavy on me reminding me of Machine Head crossed with classic metal and everything seemed to be alright again. I do not like when you mix too many styles of music. But I gotta admit that this band have managed to do it cleverly enough for me to not care too much. And that alone is reason enough to give this album a chance. Anders Ekdahl

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