STEELD “Welcome To Reality”

”Welcome To Reality”
If you’ve read the interview I did with this band you’ll know that I thought that the band name were to do with the word steel. As I was totally wrong on that note I have no idea what to expect from this Swiss band. I never really got the whole NU metal thing. It felt pretty much like the Emperor’s clothes. You can polish a turd but it will still be a turd. So to hear a NU metal band in 2013 is like, well I don’t know what. But when I look through my record collection I see that I have albums by bands that were considered rap metal at the time that I liked but later forgot about. I got grunge albums that I still listen to. But no NU metal albums to speak of, or do I? But listening to this album I gotta admit that it isn’t too shabby of an album. I actually find myself liking this. It is heavy enough and with enough attitude to make it stand out from all the Linking Parks of this world. Anders Ekdahl

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