STEIK “War With You”

”War With You”
STEIK as a name doesn’t really say much if you don’t know what it means. And since I have no clue what it means I have no idea what to think of the band. This could turn out to be the most hideous rap metal to ever be released. Or just something totally marvelous. That is why you shouldn’t judge a band by its name. A three tack EP might not be much to show for but that is what this Russian band is giving us to work with. This is hardrock/metal of the more melodic kind. The stuff you can hear will work nicely on a stage in some folk park in the deepest of Siberia. This is the kind of stuff that will get an audience going. It has that up-tempo beat to it. The kind of stuff that teenage girls go ape shit for. It works nicely for 40+ men too. Anders Ekdahl

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