STERCORE ”Eternal Sunlight”

”Eternal Sunlight”
(Slovak Metal Army)

Battle Helm Rating

I work nights so for me eternal sunlight would be a positive thing. That way I too could get the necessary vitamins that the sun rays provide. Not that it has anything to do with this Slovak deathcore band. They are being tagged as death metal too but to me this is much more deathcore than anything else. And since I have decided to take a more positive stance for anything with core in its genre name I sit here trying to dig this. And that I do. Sure, it is not the stuff that I would play 24/7 but it is good enough to listen to an album every now and then. I don’t really have any cool names to drop so I’ll just say that if you like you metal with stop/start and on the technical side then this might just be for you. Anders Ekdahl

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