“Toy Empires”
(Limb Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in 2013 I reviewed a Sandstone album. I liked what I heard back then but I didn’t continue following the band. Fast forward to 2018 and here I sit with the first solo album by STEVIE MCLAUGHLIN, the guitarist from Sandstone. I find it hard to know what to write about something that I am not too familiar with. And since I have only heard one Sandstone album and it was back in 2013 I have no idea how this solo adventure differs from STEVIE MCLAUGHLIN regular gig. All I can say is that I like what I hear. I get a slight Gary Moore-ish vibe from this. And not because the both come from the green island, but because there is that same feel to the music. The difference is that this is 2018 and not 1988. But I like this adventurous heavy metal escapade. There is a playfulness to this that makes it a really “happy” listening. Anders Ekdahl

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