I can at times think that for some bands it is just enough to come from some exotic place to get noticed. Never mind how good the music is. Russia is a large country but when it comes to metal still pretty unexplored. Stielas Storhett might be Russian in nature but musically I thought that they’d (him?) owe more to the more avant garde side of the Norwegian black metal scene. Think Ved Buens Ende, latter day Dödheimsgard (DHG) and you’ll get a picture of what I thought this would be all about. I’m also kinda disappointed that Stielas Storhett doesn’t draw more form Russian avant garde composers (whose names I of course have forgotten). I had my mind set on strange atonal compositions, weird chord structures and an instrumentation from hell that would bring forth headaches but this is pretty straight forward black metal. Nothing bad about that. I like a good black metal album. And good this is in all its traditionalism. Anders Ekdahl

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