STONE ORANGE “The Dreamcatcher”

“The Dreamcatcher”
(Street Symphonies Records)
I’m sorry to say it but this one screams prog metal a long way. Yeah, I’m being sarcastic. I’m a huge friend of Dream Theater and every other prog metal band that has followed. So if this turns out to be a prog metal album all the cred to the band. If not I’ll have to accept it for what it is. Perhaps the labels name should have given me a clue or two. This Slovenian band have more in common with CrashDiet than they have with Dream Theater. So if you live on a stable diet of Poison, Warrant, Pretty Boy Floyd and whatever the 80s hair bands were called or if you overdose on the whole new wave of glam/sleaze bands that have popped up lately you’ll have a new friend in STONE ORANGE. This is melodic hardrock like it used to be played. Not my cup of tea back in the days but for some strange reason I find myself liking it today. Is it old age or what?

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