STONEMAN “Geil Und Elektrisch”

“Geil Und Elektrisch”

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With Rammstein it became okay to sing in German and still have an international career. Living in a country heavily influenced by the Brits and US it is nice to hear that there are other languages spoken and that it can be done with the realm of music. You don’t really have to understand every single bit of lyric to sing along. I know a bit of German and that helps but since I am Swedish it do become a bit easier to understand German. This is musically very harsh and to the point. With an industrial feel to it. This is dark and sinister but with a tongue in cheek kinda vibe to it. The Germans are not as boring as they are thought to be. They have a really cheeky kind of humour. This is sing-along all the way through. Good stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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