Stormbringer – “MMXIII”

Stormbringer – “MMXIII” (Transcend Music)

Amazing. I never realized the nondescript town of Northampton could’ve churned out a band as good as Stormbringer. I’d heard these guys were classy, but I didn’t think they were this fuckin awesome! Expecting some meat n potatoes Brit pub rock band that I’d gladly down some ales too, instead I get a steel hard n heavy rock metal outfit ready to kick my tender ass all the way to whimper on Axel Rose’s porch!! We’re talking balls – make that footballs – in songs like ‘Welcome To Hell’, ‘Gazing At The Grave’ and ‘Grinder’ that include bunches of swank and catchy hooks the size of what they hang sides of beef offa – yeeaaahh baby, whether its Mike Stockley’s stadium shaking vocal delivery or their seismic guitars or the virgin tight rhythm, Stormbringer are the feisty up n coming Brit band ready to take on Velvet Underground, Alter Bridge – you name it man! Fuck these dudes rock and I am balls out of energy to keep up. Rule Britannia.

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