Stormrider – “Path Of Salvation”

Stormrider – “Path Of Salvation” (Pure Steel Records)

Excellent – galloping German HM with tinges of US heavy metal and NWOBHM chucked in for good measure! Driven by the twin mean but melodic guitar attack of Ingo Rieger and Jan Gerbracht, Stefan Hebes brings in his epic vocals – along with some cool bass runs from Sven Carsten and unflinching double bass drum work from Stefan Lange. In many ways they remind me of Riot and especially Maiden, although Hebes has a much lower range, opting for a more soulful approach that superbly complements Stormrider’s excellent power melodies on songs like ‘Heaven Is Closer’, ‘Across The Acheron’ and ‘The Sentence Divine’. I thoroughly enjoyed this unpretentious yet confident slice of traditional heavy metal which is a fitting salutation to the 10th anniversary of this band – long may they reign!

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