STORMWITCH “Bound To The Witch”

”Bound To The Witch”
(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If there ever was a classic German heavy metal album it has to be “Walpurgis Night”. Sure, the competition is hard but that one is a classic one that stands strong at the top of the German heavy metal mountain. But that was 1984. This is 2018. And I gotta say that the band sound as strong today as they did 34 years ago. This is still classic heavy metal with that anthemic feel to it. So it is safe to say that if you liked them back in the days you will still like them today. I know for a fact that I do. They might not sound exactly like they did in 1984, but that is not what I am looking for. I am happy that as long as they have stayed true to the heavy metal that they started to play and that they have. This is one strong heavy metal album that everybody into metal can get something out of. Anders Ekdahl

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