STORMWOLF ”Howling Wrath”

”Howling Wrath”
(Red Cat Records)

Battle Helm Rating

There are so many cool indie labels out there that it is hard to keep up with them all. So I am forever grateful when labels decide to send me CDs for review. That makes me a very happy old metalhead. And hearing Italian STORMWOLF makes me really happy. Even though I missed out on their album from 2015 I get to make up for it now with this new album. If you like slightly epic heavy metal that borders power metal then this will be your cup of java. I know it is my cup of java. I live this kind of metal. The one that tries to be bigger than life. Bands like Blacklace, Savatage, Kamelot, Omen, Sanctuary etc. rocks my world and now I can add STORMWOLF to that list. Anders Ekdahl

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