STORMZONE “Three Kings”

“Three Kings”
(Metal Nations)
And here we have another album by another band that is a total blank to me. They seem to pop up every now and then (well, quite often really) but since I’m open to discovering new bands this is like X-mas to me. I like the fact that heavy metal never died. Grunge could not kill it and rap metal sure didn’t. and all those who in the late 70s/early 80s thought it was a fad can turn in their graves because it is still here. STORM ZONE being proof of that. This is heavy metal in a slight power metal school. Perhaps with an American ring to it. The bigger the better. But I have nothing against that. Is like my metal full of melodies and with emotions great than the biggest rush of your life. That it reminds me of more bands than I care to mention doesn’t matter. Great metal is great metal no matter what. Anders Ekdahl

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